Rate Schedule

We are capable of billing depending on the line of business, in any of the three methods listed as follows:

  1. Time and Expense
  2. Percentage of Premium
  3. Per Claim

Time & Expense

This method can be used for all lines. We bill a separate hourly rate for Adjuster Service and Clerical Service. Expenses are broken down, with specific charges, by Mileage, Telephone, Postage (excessive), Photographs, (35mm or digital), R/S Tapes and any other expense charged at actual cost.

Percentage of Premium

This method can only be used on Workers' Compensation accounts. We will bill at a specific percentage of standard premium to handle all claims. Managed Care and certain agreed upon expenses are billed separately.

Per Claim

This method of billing can be used with either Workers' Compensation accounts or Property Accounts. A fee schedule for property and differing amounts for Loss Time and Medical Only claims will be agreed upon.

We also have a set Automobile Appraisal Fee Schedule for private passenger vehicles. We will bill heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles and special vehicles at Time & Expense.

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